Stump Grinding

Stumps Be Gone!

Get professional stump grinding services in Kinard, FL and surrounding areas

Don't let nuisance stumps continue to eat up space on your property. Turn to P&J Stump Grinding for professional stump grinding services in the Kinard, FL area. We can use heavy-duty machinery to completely remove stumps from your property. As soon as your unwanted stumps have been removed, our experts will backfill the leftover holes with wood chips and smooth over the area.

Call now to scheduleresidential or commercial stump grinding services. It typically takes us about 30 minutes to remove a single stump.

Create space for an outdoor living area

P&J Stump Grinding takes on residential and commercial stump grinding projects in Kinard, FL. We can remove stumps from your property to:

Eliminate tripping hazards

Get rid of insect infestations

Create space for hardscaping

Enhance the appearance of your property